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Our Research And Innovation
Our Research And Innovation

Our new, state of the art Innovation Centre is a dedicated centre of excellence from which our talented chefs & passionate NPD Team are leading the way in delicious innovations. Thanks to their individual passion for food, a hunger to discover new flavours and a penchant for cooking up weird and wonderful recipes, our team stays hot on the heels of new food trends. Our inquisitive team works closely with our suppliers to explore new opportunities, and makes sure English Provender Company takes the lead in introducing our consumers' to new flavours.

Our development process is fast, and responsive:

  • We take our customers’ briefs
  • Then start researching and brainstorming lots of tasty ideas
  • We start blending raw materials, cooking up the samples and doing lots of tasting
  • We present the samples to the customer
  • Working with the customer, we fine tune our recipe if needed
  • Then, with the product approved, we scale up to factory trials 
  • And finally we launch the product!

If your company demands a good serving of market-leading innovation, talk to our team.

Our market-leading development team

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